Scaxtric Mini's

Scalextric Mini's


1. What can I expect from Get Racing?
We will provide and assemble the track, scenery and tables required to build the circuit.

2. Who will manage my racing event?
Get Racing will provide all of the staff that you will need to setup,
maintain and run your event, this will include a short training session for all racers.

3. What will I need to provide?
You will need to provide a suitably sized (normally 2m longer and wider than the track size) cleared covered area. We would normally expect there to be an electricity supply, but can provide an alternative power source if required, will need to know this in advanced.

4. What areas of the UK does Get Racing operate in?
Get Racing in based in West London and covers England and Wales.

5. How much will hiring a track cost?
Prices are dependant on length of hire and your exact requirements. We aim to cater for all budgets and are happy to do charity events. For a quote please contact the Get-Racing team with your requirements.

6. How long should I allow for a children's party?
We recommend a two hour event with upto 3 children allocated to each lane. Thus a four lane track is good for up to twelve, six lanes is good for up to eighteen and eight lanes is good for up to twenty four.

7. How could an event be structured?
Get Racing offers different racing formats that can be tailored to meet you exact requirements. These include keam events, knock out championships, kime trials, Top Gear style leader boards and tournaments. For details of how your event can be structured please contact the Get-Racing team.

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